Bearded Dragon Care Help?

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I came across an exciting new site for people interested bearded dragon care and the best care that they can give. You can read the report on Bearded Dragon Care here. Chris Johnson who has kept and bred Bearded Dragons for over 10 years recently put together a tell all, comprehensive report on the care of bearded dragons. His report… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care Do’s and Do Nots

For those who want to understand the basics of bearded dragon care, we’ve compiled a do and do not list that ought to help make things clearer. These do and don’t rules are based on a long history of human-lizard interaction, and should assist you in getting used to your new pet, but don’t forget to check out our other… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care and Feeding

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Bearded Dragon Care. Your bearded dragon requires loving care if it’s to survive for the decade or more, some have been known to live in captivity, and you can provide it with the best care by following a few easy guidelines. One of the most enjoyable parts of taking care of a beardie, young or old, is feeding it the… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care Video

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Here’s a very simple and short video I put together about caring for and looking after your Bearded Dragon. I’m not a professional actor or video person but I hope you enjoy it. Please click the Facebook Like Button and share it with others who like Bearded Dragons! For a more in depth report about caring for your Bearded Dragon… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care As Pets

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A bearded dragon is a perfect pet for anyone who likes lizards, and even those who aren’t too fond of scaly friends will soon warm up to them with this breed. Native to Australian desert climates, beardies love to climb and are exceedingly intelligent although as pets you do need to understand how to care for your bearded dragon. Their… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care and Heating

Bearded Dragon Care The colder climes in many countries around the world are absolutely inadequate when it comes to providing the right care and heating that your bearded dragon needs to thrive. Unlike mammals, these lizards gain their body heat from external sources, so owners who really do focus on their bearded dragon care ensure their pets can readily access… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care – Lighting

For the best care of your Bearded Dragon it’s important to remember where they come from. In its natural environment, your new bearded dragon would spend its time crawling about and lounging on fence posts, tree branches or any other out of the way spots where it could easily bask in the full glory of the Aussie sun. Hot days… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care and Housing

Keeping  Bearded Dragon care at the forefront of your mind, how do you best recreate the dry woodlands of central Australia in all their wild glory within the confines of a flat or house? It may seem like an odd question, but those who own a bearded dragon realise it’s an important one. A Bearded dragon’s housing must include a… Read more »

Bearded Dragon Care

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A bearded dragon makes an amazing exotic pet for any owner, regardless of how much previous lizard experience one has, and owning one is a real treat however bearded dragon care and looking after your bearded dragon is very important. These lizards come in a variety of colours and sizes, and actually comprise a number of species in the Pogona… Read more »